Thank you for your interest in becoming a self-employed trainer/facilitator. The Personalised Care and Health Coaching Collaborative are delighted to present this opportunity. We hope this information is helpful to explain our programme, the benefits and what can be expected. We ask that you ensure you have the potential time available to attend a train the trainer programme before expressing your interest. See the Timeline below.

Our programme has been developed by the South-West Health Coaching Collaborative, a multi-professional group of people from NHS, Local Authority and VCSE partners working to share expertise. Our programme is in two parts, Personalised Conversations and Personalised Care & Health Coaching Skills. Please view the syllabus covered by clicking here

The benefits of joining the trainer-facilitator programme are:

  • Full training with personal & professional development in Personalised Care, Health Coaching, and trainer/facilitator skills. 35 out of 67 hours of self-development and learning is paid. Once trained the rate is £22 per hour, each course is 20 hours paid.
  • Mentoring support to develop your skills to become a trainer/facilitator of Part 1 Personalised Conversations, and Part 2 Personalised Care & Health Coaching Skills.
  • Access to all course materials (which have an intellectual copyright and cannot be used for commercial profit/by a standalone training provider).
  • All courses are delivered virtually via Teams working from home.

Once you have completed your trainer/facilitator course, we will welcome you as a member of the SW Health Coaching Collaborative, a virtual unincorporated organisation, and social movement for change. The collaborative’s role is to connect you to delivery partners, facilitate payment, enable CPD for all trainer/facilitators, quality assure the programme, maintaining Personalised Care Institute accreditation for all our members.

To express interest in this opportunity, you will need to have already completed part 1 or 2 of the SW Health Coaching Programme OR can commit to completing 8 half days of thePersonalised Conversations and Personalised Care & Health Coaching Skills,plus 2 full days of Train the Trainer online, and co-deliver your first course with mentor support.

5 elements over 13-16 weeks67 hours of learning - Each Module start 9.30am via Teams.
                                                 Unpaid Self Development - 32 hours
1 Understand the materials with an experienced trainer/facilitatorModule 1-4  16 hours (4 half days)  Starting  April 24
2Understand the materials, with an experienced trainer/facilitatorModule 5-816 hours (4 half days)  Starting May 24  
                                                       Self-Employed Paid -35 hours
3Trainer/Facilitator SkillsModule 9 -1214 hours (2 full days) + 1-hour independent preparation timeStarting June 24
4Learning in Practice with mentor supportDeliver Modules 1-416 hours (4 half days) + 2 hours independent preparation time + 1 hour coaching to assess readinessStarting June 24  
5CelebrationCohort1 hour                                        July 24

There is a minimum requirement for continuing professional development to remain registered as a self-employed programme trainer/facilitator as follows:

  • Attend one CPD event annually or agree other self-directed study that is equivalent.
  • Attend at least one 121 or group meet with a Lead Educator or Programme Partner
  • Practice regularly by delivering a minimum of 2-3 courses per year, dates in agreement with you as suits your schedule (40-60 hours).

The Health Coaching Programme is predominantly delivered online and is a genuine opportunity to work remotely from home as and when you would like, when work is available. You will need to be willing and able to learn to how to deliver learning online using MS teams and associated functions, such as breakout rooms. You will need to have a quiet space at home or in an office to deliver programmes online, a suitable laptop or computer, screen, and camera. If you do not have this equipment, we will discuss this with you.

Express your interest using the link here. You will be contacted by a collaborative colleague for an informal discussion. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to a conversation for up to 45 mins with collaborative partners to ensure your readiness to join our membership. At the start of this conversation, we will ask you to prepare and deliver a 5 minute micro-teach to demonstrate your trainer/facilitator skills.

We ask you to choose a topic of your choice, we recommend you choose something you know well and enjoy and increase your audience’s knowledge on this topic for 5 minutes, managing your time effectively. We are not looking at your health coaching knowledge. You will be able to use any form of media, but we are not looking at the quality of slides or materials. We ask that you do not use breakout rooms for conversations as time is limited. We are looking at your ability to use facilitation/coaching skills to transfer skill, knowledge, behaviour and confidence in an engaging and interactive way with others.

To express interest, start your journey by clicking here! Or Scan the QR Code